Colorful Cuba On My Travel List, Because I’ve Already Seen Florida

Via Budget Travel Magazine

Via Budget Travel Magazine

This is NOT going to be a travel blog, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But traveling is among the favorite pastimes of retired folks who can afford to, so I might mention travel from time to time. Personally, my budget doesn’t allow for much travel. But if I ever get the opportunity, I’d be happy to visit Cuba. It’s close and it’s colorful. It would be worth the visit simply to gawk at those vintage U.S. cars on the streets of Havana. I’m delighted that the U.S. and Cuba are normalizing relations, just in time for retiring Baby Boomers.

I spent two weeks in Florida in June, and that will be my traveling for 2015. For a souvenir, today’s mail brought me friendly correspondence from the nice folks at the Florida Department of Transportation, who politely thanked me for visiting Florida. They enclosed a bill for an unpaid toll on the Florida highways. It’s only $7.08.

I remember my bemusement when I bumbled onto a Florida toll road and was greeted by a sign announcing that no cash was accepted. I was wondering when the law was going to catch up with me. Turns out, they simply take a photo of your license plate and bill you by mail. That explains the high unemployment rate among former highway toll collectors. It takes a long time to retrain a toll collector to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, you know.

If I had the resources to travel, there’s many places in the U.S. that I’d want to see, before I get on a boat to Cuba. The Grand Canyon comes to mind. Maine in the summer. I’ve been to Canada three times. But I’ve never been to California, can you believe it? I’d like to see the Rocky Mountains before I die. And for some reason the Great Plains states fascinate me. All that flat farmland, and endless sky, stretching across most of the continent, in both the U.S. and Canada. All that land, and hardly any people, by East or West Coast standards.

I wonder if they have toll roads in Cuba.


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