Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles. Or a lesson in the economics and wisdom of mid-career retirement

You could simplify your life by retiring mid-career. Wish I had thought of that. But read this post before you do it.

The Pootle List

In a first in recent months, I took stock of my finances today, or rather I totted up how much I am (not) making in terms of money.


The color has overtaken the world and seeped into the very ribonucleic acid of my cells. I am now colored indigo AND am poor.

A lot has been written and said about money.

  1. The scent of it is what a good detective follows to solve the crime
  2. It makes the world go round

I, for one, believe that the quantum of money one can possess follows the marginal utility curve. If you, unlike me, have not been inches away from flunking every one of the various economic courses that you have been forced to endure, you shall have no trouble understanding that statement. For folks like me, who may not get economics but are champions at chocolate, imagine this:

You eat…

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