First Week For a New Blog

Blogging wisdom says it takes time — sometimes a lot of time — for a new blog to attract many readers, let alone a throng dedicated followers. That is true, of course, but there’s also a more positive way to look at it. Early growth can be exponential!

“Retirement Made Simple” is one week old. Here’s the record so far:

  • Day One:  1 view
  • Day Two:  0 views
  • Day Three:  1 view
  • Day Four:  2 views
  • Day Five:  5 views
  • Day Six:  6 views
  • Day Seven: 5 views and counting

Total, 20 views to date. I call going from one view to two on Day Four a 100 percent increase. And then from two views to five on Day Five! I call that exponential growth. Am I getting into hyperbole yet?

Of course, any reasonable blogger understands that exponential growth is bound to level off, but five views to six on Day Six is still 20 percent growth. Continuous exponential growth is only for chip manufacturers and demand for Apple products. We’ll have to see where the blog goes from Day Seven.

Even more significant, perhaps than views, is that blog posts have received 16 Likes and the blog already has 8 Followers. That, to me, is amazing! Thank you readers!

I am assiduously checking out the blogs of every person taking the time to like or follow Retirement Made Simple. I’ve followed many of them.

As for comments, only one so far from a reader. But I replied to the comment, so that makes two comments. See how it works? I hope to do something I’ve not done with my previous blogs. That is, take the time to  respond to each and every comment, even if I only have time to say “Thank you.”

Too early to have a significant sample, but so far I’m getting readers from every age demographic. Eventually, I expect to develop a niche among retirees. But everyone is invited to read and comment. Some of the concerns of retirees and those of us who are trying to age gracefully are shared by people of all ages. And perhaps younger readers may be able to benefit from the hard-earned experience of more senior blogs and comments.

Discipline and focus in posting

The blog post that’s attracted the most attention this week is “Colorful Cuba.” The natural tag for that one is “Travel.” I wasn’t intending to blog much about travel. But Travel is obviously a favorite pastime of many retired folks. Travel is an example of a subject in which people from all age demographics share an interest. I’m going to be writing more posts about travel than I originally thought. It makes sense to provide information that draws readers. Travel is a legitimate interest of seniors, and those who come to the blog for a travel post may stay to read about other subjects.

The important thing for me as a blogger is to keep the focus on retirement, simplicity, and aging gracefully. Defining your audience and your niche is the most important step to a successful blog. That’s what I’ve read many times, I’ve found it a challenge to focus on one or a few narrow subjects in previous blogs, but I hope to improve in “Retirement Made Simple.”

The blog title (and the subtitle) clearly state those subjects, for me and for readers. I’ll report about the progress of the blog only occasionally. Please let me know if you see me going astray.

Two other factors in a blog’s success are the blog theme, and the appropriate use of links, especially the blogroll. But this post is long enough, so I’ll talk about WordPress themes and blogroll links in a separate post sometime soon.

In summary, I’m pumped! Thanks to all. If any of you would like to share your own blogging experience, please feel free to comment below.


4 thoughts on “First Week For a New Blog

  1. ninamishkin

    Hi John. I didn’t even know you’d started a new blog till I saw its title attached to a “like” of yours on mine! I admit Maryland politics didn’t interest me too much, but now that you’ve moved on to “my” territory, here I am — ready to read. Good luck, and best wishes for lots of followers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Editor (Retired) Post author

      Thank you, Nina. I’ve been enjoying your short posts this summer. Yes, as you know, I’ve tried to start a new blog once or twice before, and it didn’t click. This time, I think I’ve found a limited focus that I will enjoy: Retirement, Simplicity, Aging gracefully. I’m trying to publish almost daily. Famous last words.


  2. Jean

    John, Congratulations on your new blog and your enthusiasm. I know from experience that the first days/weeks of a new blog can be discouraging as you try to connect with potential readers. I do think there’s a need for blogs that focus on non-financial aspects of retirement. I’ve just added yours to my blog roll.


  3. Editor (Retired) Post author

    Thanks Jean, Yes, we boomers are moving into new territory (for us) and we bloggers may be able to increase the sharing of info and wisdom. I’m working on a blogroll of retired and otherwise experienced bloggers.



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