Second Week For A New Blog

Today is Day 12 for “Retirement Made Simple.” Today set a new personal best for the blog, logging 18 visitors and 35 views. Previously, I’d gone over 10 views twice, but not yet hit 20. Today we soared past 20 views AND 30 views to 35, with an hour left.

Also today, the blog got its first referral from a search engine! Throw a party! Seven search engine hits, in fact. Five from Bing and two from Yahoo. What’s up with Google? Google still missing after 12 days?

I believe it’s much harder for a new blog to attract attention through a search engine than it was a few years back. I hope the search engines are aware of my posts by now, but most hits for a new blog will be buried under thousands of other hits. Who’s going to see it? I’ve been getting one or two visits, now and then via the WordPress Reader.

Since no readers have come from search engines before today, how were a few people discovering the blog? Most of them were other bloggers whose posts I’d commented on, and some were readers clicking over from a comment. Interacting with other bloggers is time-intensive, but it’s also fun, informative, and so important.

I’m also using the WordPress publicize feature to send notice of new posts to my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I have about 125 friends on Facebook, and every post draws two or three visits via Facebook. Haven’t received a visit via Twitter yet on this blog. On my other blogs, I’ve regularly received a few hits from Facebook, but rarely any from Twitter.

Discipline and focus in posting

My blog is about Retirement, Simplicity, and Aging Gracefully on a fixed income. My target audience is retired folks and workers who are nearing retirement or thinking about it. But surprisingly, many of my readers so far have been younger adults. No age discrimination here.

You’re probably wondering, what was the post that sparked the surge from 5 visitors and 12 views on Thursday and 4 visitors and 7 views on Friday, to 18 visitors and 35 views on Saturday? It’s a breaking news story: “Social Security Cost-Of-Living Increase For 2016 In Danger.” The source is rock solid, AARP. The story also mentioned an expected increase in the Medicare premium for 2016, as well as the bad news about the Social Security COLA.

The story is spot on for my target audience. Retired folks care dearly about Social Security and Medicare. Most of us depend on Social Security for the bulk of our retirement income, and on Medicare to cover the high cost of health care. This is the way it’s supposed to work folks. You focus as tightly as possible on one or a few related subjects that interest your target audience. If you provide the right information, they will come.

Hey, just had one more visit and one view at 11:25 p.m. New total 19 visitors and 36 views.

One thing more. I notice that nearly every day, the number of views is about double the number of visitors. This is gratifying. It means that visitors aren’t just making a quick hit and then surfing on to the next big thing. They’re lingering for at least a minute or two and exploring other posts on the blog.

Here’s the take-away:  Inside blogging information is as dull as grass growing on a cloudy day to most of my target audience. The spot-on Social Security story was the right kind of post. This blog statistics stuff is the wrong kind of post. (But since many of my readers early on are other bloggers, I can probably get away with it.) You and I want to build readership for our blogs, and also credibility according to the algorithms of the soulless search engines.

You won’t see many more posts that stray from the core topics that interest my target audience.


6 thoughts on “Second Week For A New Blog

  1. sledpress

    Jeepers, John! Slow down! What’s wrong with just having one blog and varying your focus? I only spotted this on my twitter feed because, well, Twitter. It’s not like your previous blogs have been distant in subject matter and characteristic audience.

    On request, I’ll ramble about the 30+- Scott Walker supporter who’s been hitting on me in the gym all unaware that I’m nearly sixty-one. That I apparently look young enough for him to chat up will make it all that sweeter when I point out to him that if you are my age, things like Social Security look a lot more valuable than they do to a 28 year old who looks like Captain America. Even though I figure on holding out to 66. I can taper down.

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  2. Editor (Retired) Post author

    Thank you, Ms. Sled. You’re right, I’m too busy. See, I still haven’t given up hope of writing a blog that’s successful enough to make just a little bit of money in my old age. I never learn. I still hope to become an overnight success, one of these years.

    Sometimes we need a change. After 500+ posts on my big, old blog, and 500+ on my first blog, from way back in 2007, I felt the need to try something different. I wore myself out with constant diatribes on politics and economics. Time to butt my head against a different wall.

    One of the benefits of having your own business, Ms. Sled, is that you can taper down and retire on your own schedule. After following your blog for years, I understand and admire the fact that you live life on your own terms. Not many people can say that.

    Sounds like I’m falling behind on your antics at the gym. With the effort you put into staying strong and healthy, it’s no surprise that you’ve bewitched a young man who’s gullible enough to follow Scott Walker. On the rare occasions I drag myself into the gym, you will not find any thirty-something Donald Trump bimbos hitting on me. At least not unless they’re blind. 😉

    You really must come clean with that Scott Walker boy. Let him down easy. Tell him, as nicely as possible, that you’re already promised to Bernie Sanders. BTW, is anyone wearing the “Feel The Bern” T-shirt at your gym yet? You could be the first.


    1. sledpress

      I am not exactly sure whether this young man is bewitched or just bewildered. Whatever, because I can be a bitch (don’t forget the Sting Ray!), I just ordered a PINK “FEEL THE BERN” racerback tank, one of the few pink garments I have owned in my life. Mostly I was running out of racerback tanks that weren’t worn to shreds, and I was tired of the same old black royal blue red blah. He can make of it what he will.

      I went into business for myself in my early 30s when it became painfully apparent that I would never survive in the conventional work world because I just don’t work and play well with others. Definite bitch. Cue the flashback video of me upending a wastebasket at the feet of a professor who was bagging on me by implying that I couldn’t be relied on to input her corrections and wanted to “see her marked-up draft” of some boilerplate bullshit. You have to know that I had saved the goddam university department enduring humiliation by copy editing, rewriting and proofreading a 500 page RFP only two years before.

      Also, I hate sitting on my ass all day. It was a forced move.

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  3. Editor (Retired) Post author

    The political debate is about to heat up at your gym. I believe the racerback tank calls for a photo on your blog, possibly with an appropriate flex to highlight the “BERN” concept. (it will increase your readership). Bernie needs all the publicity he can get.



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