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Selecting A Nursing Home, Or Call It A “Care Center,” If You Wish

Michelle, over at The Green Study, offers lots of insight and information, as all good bloggers should. And, she is an excellent writer. For example:

“And here’s a tip: If a waft of urine rolls over you when you open the front door of a nursing home (euphemistically now called a Care Center), this might not be the place for your loved one. Also, if the employees’ name tags are handwritten on pieces of paper taped to their uniforms, this might indicate also NOT A PLACE FOR YOUR LOVED ONE. I saw both during tours yesterday.”

Doesn’t “a waft of urine” just about say it all? The Green Study is located here.

Here’s hoping that, when the time comes, I will skip right past the nursing home, or care center, or whatever they call it, and go directly to hospice care. However, we’re not going to think about this any more today.