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Saturday, August 16, By The Numbers

The numbers for Saturday are, 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the part of Maryland where I was out walking. People keep telling me not to move to Florida because it gets too hot there in the summer. Go figure. It gets hot here in summer.

Because of the 95 degrees In spite of the 95 degrees, I hit 10,284 steps on the Fitbit. Only the second time I’ve reached the 10,000 steps goal. Attention fellow baby boomers: Sitting is the new smoking. You need to get up and move. If you sit there, it’s hazardous to your health. It might be hazardous if you go outside and walk in 95-degree temperatures, but what do I know?

I had a good reason to be out walking. I was pursuing one of my goals, which is to find a place to live that I can afford on Social Security. I sometimes rant about the high cost of housing in certain well-known cities and suburbs. Other people rant about taxes; I rant about the cost of living.

Also by the numbers, I found a one-bedroom apartment which rents for $650 per month. Plus utilities, of course. And another apartment for $625. I’m not kidding. I am not going to tell you the location of these low-priced apartments. It’s my secret. Plus, I don’t want to start a stampede.

I realize everyone’s wondering, how far is 10,284 steps? I can answer that question to the decimal point. It’s 4.76 miles, according to the Fitbit. I probably burned 2,314 calories, also according to the Fitbit. But some of my steps included walking into a pizza restaurant for supper. I probably consumed more calories than I burned.

Some people may wonder, how much is 95 degrees in Celsius? The answer is, I don’t know. Who do you think I am, the answer man?

My Saturday was not all work and no play. I also watched a little bit of the Little League World Series on TV at McDonald’s. I went into McDonald’s to get out of the 95 degree heat.

And that’s all I’m going to say about Saturday. Not a bad day’s work, for a Saturday in summer. But then, I’m retired.