The Last Wedding Of Summer, And A Full Moon Over Annapolis

A kiss is still a kiss. And yes, people keep getting married, despite rumors to the contrary. Someone is getting married nearly every hour of every day, someplace, somehow.

The fundamental things apply. We enjoyed a wonderful wedding weekend in Annapolis with the large and growing extended family. Continued growth is certain, the eldest uncle predicts with confidence, especially if weddings continue at this pace. (The uncle is usually right, except when he’s wrong.)  Family genes will continue to populate the Earth, nearly forever.

The ceremony was brightened by late afternoon sunshine on the open balcony of the Marriott Waterfront. The assembled witnesses faced east, so Annapolis Harbor was the backdrop for bride and groom and clergy.

If sailing is your thing, or even your unfulfilled wish, you could not want a view more splendid than the sparkling Annapolis harbor. The hotel is so absolutely waterfront that I could have thrown an ice-cube over the yacht, docked below, with room to spare.

After the vows were said, and the other formalities; after the lawfully wedded bride and groom were duly introduced, the couple kissed and beamed. The bride waved her bouquet overhead. They walked, fast, up the aisle, only to endure the time-honored ritual of wedding photography.

For better or worse. In sickness and in health . . .

One and all enjoyed delicious food, imbibed delightful spirits, and generally made merry. Crab cakes are de rigueur in Maryland. The crab cakes we dined on Saturday evening were the best! The fillet mignon you could cut with a butter knife, and the asparagus was cooked to perfection.

The father of the bride, announcing that he was nervous and not in control of his emotions, nonetheless delivered a perfect, heartfelt and humorous few words.

Most importantly, perhaps, we danced all night to the music of a first-rate band. A live band, not a DJ! Hardly ever see a live band, living or dead, these days. Where did all the bands go? The answer my friends, is blowing in the wind.

Well, to be clear, most of us danced most of the night. Many with beer bottle in hand. Some of the  nieces and nephews, flush with the exuberance of youth, hardly paused to get a fresh bottle of beer. (To be fair, in my day, we danced with lit cigarettes in hand.)

Champaign and wine, and an open bar. And coffee. And cake. And dancing. And, too, a full moon.

Exuberance is contagious. So I danced a bit myself. However, my number of fast dances is strictly limited, like the number of pitches in a pitcher’s arm. And the band didn’t play many slow dances. Some relatives and friends of my baby-boomer generation remained calm and took full advantage of the live music, fast and slow. (Did I mention that I am the oldest of said generation in the entire extended family?)

The band was peerless, but still, nary a waltz all night. What is modern music coming to? (I must throw in something critical, else the copy desk will convict me of hyperbole, with exuberance as the evidence. Oh wait, that was when newspapers still had copy desks. Ancient history, nearly.)

After the sun went down, as the evening lengthened and the dancing continued, the last full moon of summer rose high above the Annapolis harbor.

Yes, Virginia, The world will always welcome lovers, as time goes by.

The takeaway: Exuberance is contagious, but the effect wears off quickly. More quickly, say, than a hangover.

Inside information: The legally wedded couple is honeymooning in Jamaica.

A personal afterthought: I am older than all but a very few of those in attendance. How did I get so old, all of a sudden? (Answer: One day at a time.) I believe I must have been the oldest of those still standing to participate in the after-dinner revelry. I’m obviously older than the parents of either the bride or the groom. Anyone can see that. No wonder I feel a letdown after every party lately.

Time goes by.

Recommendation:  Eat, drink, be merry, and dance!  Accept all wedding invitations that come your way, and stay for breakfast the morning after.


7 thoughts on “The Last Wedding Of Summer, And A Full Moon Over Annapolis

  1. sledpress

    Do you know, I never go to weddings? For some reason, I hate them. But then, my own had to be conducted as a low end production to reduce the chances that family members would blow it up in all directions. I always think of divorces, obstetric mayhem, and children with expensive and exhausting psychological problems.

    Maybe we should just all stage fake weddings periodically, so that people can have fun dancing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Editor (Retired) Post author

      Yeh, you know, I’ve never had a wedding, myself, but I’ve always thought there’s a lot to be said for eloping.

      Things can go awry. We have an old story about a simple little misunderstanding that almost got us banned from the hall for future receptions. Fortunately there was no mayhem, only hurt feelings.

      But when a wedding goes perfectly, as the one I attended did, attending as a guest is the closest thing to living like royalty for an evening. Unlimited food and drink of the highest quality, plus dancing and good feeling all around.


      1. sledpress

        I’d always be looking over my shoulder for the “you can’t rent this hall again” behavior. 🙂 Good to know it doesn’t always happen. No one I was related to could ever get together in any numbers, especially if drink was involved, without dragging up 25 year old grievances and making scenes. Dancing sounds much nicer.


  2. Eileen

    As the mother-of-the-groom at this wedding, I must admit “a good time was had by all!” All of my 7 remaining brothers and sisters, and their families, joined in the celebration. The author of this blog (the oldest sibling of this extremely large family) did indeed join in the dancing on a very packed dance floor. I have often thought that, with such a large family, we are very fortunate to be able to get along, and not cause too much of a reckus. And I always thought we knew how to have a good time! But this younger generation amazes me. They are smart, educated, loving, thoughtful, appreciative, and …they really know how to have a good time!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Editor (Retired) Post author

    Yes, Eileen, we have much to be thankful for. Not least, perfect end-of-summer weather for the wedding weekend. Did you schedule the wedding to coincide with a full moon? Or was that simply an omen of good luck?



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